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AVX Development is a web development provider based in Morocco. We offer offshore web development for all your website development, maintenance, and e-commerce requirements. We offer a team of highly qualified, talented and resourceful developers at your service, ready to fulfil your requirements at any time of the day or night.

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Services offered by our Web Development Company

We offer all services related to web development and e-commerce. Whether it is developing a new website, upgrading your website, refurbishing your e-commerce ecosystem, adding additional capabilities and functionality to your e-commerce site, integrating more payment options, developing powerful web content, SEO, or anything else, we do the job well.

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Designing your Next Website

Apart from developing new websites, we also undertake maintenance tasks. We offer a wide range of services, such as adding new functionality to existing websites, overhauling existing websites to make it more SEO friendly, upgrading your e-commerce website to make it more attractive, adding more pages or bandwidth to your websites, troubleshooting e-commerce glitches and much more. If you seek an agency for troubleshooting in Lyon, we are the best option. We have established a credible presence for troubleshooting in the Lyon area, serving several happy clients.

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Why choose Us?

AVX Development is regarded as the best offshore web development company, for many reasons. Our team of 15+ developers and web designer are experienced hands, and have executed several successful e-commerce and other website development projects. We offer the best value at the lowest costs. Offshore development is a very cost-effective way to develop highly intuitive websites. Overall, there is a cost reduction of two compared to development using a French agency, without compromising on the quality. In addition, we operate a very lean set-up, with zero wastage and low operating costs. We pass on the savings in overheads to you, resulting in further lowering of costs.

Our low costs do not compromise the quality of the development in any way. All our web developers and other professionals are highly skilled, talented, and resourceful. They have executed several complex and challenging projects, and will enhance the worth of your website using their expertise and experience.

Our business operations are highly scalable, allowing us to serve multiple clients simultaneously and reducing overheads further.

We are a process-driven enterprise, with a high emphasis on quality. We make it a point to deal with each client on an individual basis, delivering highly customized solutions. We engage with clients on a one-to-one basis, and always deliver the requirements in the quickest possible time, all the while keeping the client updated on the progress of the project.

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Know More abour our Offshore Web Agency

AVX Development is the best partner for your online efforts. We are competent to undertake any type of web project, and available round-the-clock. Customers who have availed our services have been highly impressed with us, and always come back to us for additional requirements. They also leave glowing feedback and recommend our service.